Victor Baro Fernandez

I am a senior iOS developer with over eight years of experience. I have been involved in 10 different iOS apps. Some of them, like Jobandtalent or Minube, are big projects with millions of users and big teams (up to 12 iOS developers). Others, like Panels or Thoughts, are projects that I built from scratch with a partner at Produkt, a company we founded and for which I have been involved in 100% of the process.

Although I have experience across all areas of iOS Development, my strongest skills are related to the “front end” (e.g. User Interface & Experience, animations, interactions, etc). I like working close to the design team, create delightful animations and transitions and deliver the best user experience.

I have worked in Objective-C for many years, but during the last 3 to 4 years I have spent most of my time programming in Swift.

Most relevant Experience

Jobandtalent app, Senior iOS Developer (2015 - present)

Jobandtalent started as a job market and for the past 4 years it has pivoted to a digital temp staffing agency. Jobandtalent is currently operating in 7 countries and has more than 10 million users and 150.000 businesses. The iOS team is currently formed by 3 people (including me), but was once as large as 12.


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Produkt, Co-Founder & iOS Developer (2014 - present)

I founded Produkt, along with my partnerDaniel Garcia, a small iOS development studio. We worked with four different clients, in addition to develop our own apps. In a three-year period we released two products, Thoughts and Panels. To date, Produkt continues to support the development of both apps.

Panels: Comic reader


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Thoughts - Notes in an infinite canvas


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Storybeat, Co-founder & iOS Developer (2018 - present)

Storybeat started as a side project that I developed. The project has grown exponentially, achieving more than four million active users per month and many million downloads. Storybeat is now a company with a dedicated team. I handed over the iOS project and reduced my involvement. Storybeat is also on the Google store (created by an Android developer).


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Freelance, iOS Developer (2012-2014)

During my first two years as an iOS developer I worked for other companies as a freelance.

Minube app

‎Minube on the App Store

5-choice app

The app has never been available on the App Store, it was only distributed internally.

iOS teaching

Taught three different courses at the Ironhack School. I taught basic concepts of iOS development, basic and advanced animation, UI, and autolayout.

Wake Up Challenge app

Wake Up Challenge app was my first app, which I developed and designed. It was released for iOS 5. Wake Up Challenge was an alarm; to turn it off the user had to complete one of five games.


The app is no longer available in the store.

Most relevant blog posts

Prototyping with code - Produkt Blog - Medium

VisualKit: creating a UI Framework - Jobandtalent Engineering

3D Force Touch: beyond peek & pop - Produkt Blog - Medium

Recreating Apple’s Rubber Band Effect in Swift - Thoughts on Thoughts - Medium

Older blog

Most relevant Open Sourced projects

GitHub - victorBaro/VBFPopFlatButton: Flat button with 9 different states using POP

GitHub - victorBaro/VBFJellyView: VBFJellyView is a custom view made out using UIKit Dynamics and with a very funny effect when adding behaviours to it.

GitHub - jobandtalent/AnimatedTextInput: Animated UITextField and UITextView replacement for iOS

GitHub - jobandtalent/CardStackController: iOS custom controller used in Jobandtalent app to present new view controllers as cards


I graduated in Barcelona, at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya, with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.

You can find me on my personal website, email, twitter or Github.