Full time iOS developer

It’s been almost 4 years since I started programming for iOS.

I am a Mechanical Engineer, but I always had a passion for programming. I started off with Visual Basic at school and then I did a couple of C courses at University. But none of it can be compared to iOS… As soon as I started I couldn’t stop. It is like playing with Lego!

I have a 9 to 5 job (plus transport), so for the last 4 years I have been programming during nights and weekends. But I have never stopped. All my knowledge comes from books, internet tutorials and people that I follow. It has crossed my mind to join iOS programming courses a few times, but I never did it because until now this was only a hobby for me.


I did my first app (iOS 4) for the University of Sussex. It is not published in the App Store, as they use it for research purposes (you can check their results here).

My second (and first personal) app was even a bigger challenge. It took me about 6 months to release wakeup challenge. It was really hard, but I learnt so much – it was great fun and I am very proud of the final outcome.


Although I always try to improve my iOS skills, I can’t deny that my great passion and what I am most comfortable working with is the frontend. I have spent quite a lot of time playing with Core Graphics and Core Animation (and Pop, recently), making new controls and new ways of interaction.

In addition to all of that, I had the great honour to teach at the Ironhack in Madrid. It was an amazing experience and it made me realize how much I like to be part of this ‘world’. Right after that, I had the opportunity to join minube iOS team temporarily. I have to thank @fillito for everything, I have learnt so much from him. It has been a real pleasure to work with them.


Following all the iOS experience that I had so far, I have decided to apply for an iOS position, either as a freelance or as part of an iOS team in a company.


Wish me luck, or even better, hire me :)

VBFJellyView tutorial

It’s been a while since my last post!
This month has been crazy. I went to Madrid to teach iOS 3 days (UIViews, CoreGraphics and Layers) at ironhack. It was amazing, everyone was really nice and I enjoyed it a lot.
Also I have joined minube iOS team to help them develop a new version of their app. It is a very exciting project, and it is a pleasure to work with such talented guys!

Today I am here to talk about this pretty funny little thing.
I call it: ‘The Jelly View’

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Pop Playground: playing with Facebook’s framework

Hi guys,

I have recorded a new screencast (in english… sorry if sometimes I struggle) talking about Pop (Facebook pop).

For the screencast I have prepared a project with 3 main tabs:

1) Basic explanation about pop with simple animations
2) 8 examples using different pop animations with many different animatable properties
3) 2 custon UIControls (unfinished). The only thing I have implemented are the animations.

These are the 2 controls you will find in the project:



Find the Github project here: PopPlayground

Finally, all the icons are from Captain Icon, you can grab them for free here

Snippet: screen snapshot

I have just found this piece of code, great for having in your snippet library. Quick and easy way of doing a screenshot.

After doing this, you can combine it with UIImage+ImageEffects for a nice blur effect.

Combo: skala preview + sketch 3

A few days ago I decided to buy Sketch 3. I am not a designer, but since I am about 16 years old I like to play around with Photoshop and Illustrator. I started because back then, making a realistic 3D render was very tricky (we didn’t have such a powerful computers), so it was good to tweak the renders afterwards with Photoshop.

Anyway, here I am having fun developing for iOS. And as well as most of you, I also have to mess around designing my interfaces. That is why I bought Sketch 3. I did try Sketch 2 and it was definitely the way to go (lucky me I didn’t buy it), so when Sketch 3 was released I just went for it.

However, this is not a post about Sketch 3, I don’t think I am the guy who should write about it. Designcode has a brilliant post about everything you need to know using Sketch 3.

The reason of this post is to talk about Skala preview and how well it works with Sketch (or any other). I know Sketch 3 comes with a mirror app, but to be honest… I have already spent quite a lot of money on the software itself, so if I can achieve the same thing for free… I will :)
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New custom control: Dots Selector

Hi guys,

Seems like I am enjoying posting lately. That is good! I feel good to be back :D

Today I have been fighting for at least 3 hours to get this new custom control to work. As I mentioned before, I am working on a new app (the interface won’t be as crazy as WakeUp’s). I would like to move it forward as quick as possible and I am “wasting” (enjoying?) some of my holidays to do it.

Check the result on the following video (still need to tweak some values).



Yes, you are right. I have spent 3 hours moving some balls around the screen… But playing with UIKit Dynamics it’s just lots of fun!
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Tutorial: create a menu using UIKit Dynamics

Before releasing the new version of WakeUp app, I posted a video about a new menu I was working on using mainly UIKit Dynamics.

I did promise a tutorial about it, and here it comes! This is an example of what we will do.


I have decided to modify slightly the way I write tutorials. I will write and explain the most important parts of the code, but I won’t go through every single line of code. I have uploaded a project in Github, where I have tried to comment the code as good as possible, use it as an extension of this tutorial.

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