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Simple character animation (course)

I am very excited! I have just finished ‘Simple character animation’ course, and look what I have created in just a couple of hours (well… maybe three).

Walking Character

Even if you are a developer and you hate designers, you might still be interested on reading this post :)

I saw this course a while ago on SkillShare and I was hesitating to do it, but @francesctovar recommended it to me and I thank him for doing it. The course is really simple, and the result just looks great.
This is the link for the class:

But if you go through the next link we will both get $10:

I am a developer… Why do I need this course?
Well, well… I guess most of you, just like me, are not designers. But let’s not fool ourselves, we all want to make our apps look stunning and not all of us are lucky enough to work with a designer.
I know you are not going to add this chubby little character in your app… but what about creating your own awesome preloader?


We all love them and you know it. I know there are many ways of making them, but using After Effects is really easy. Doing this course you will learn how to chain, rig, animate, ease… With all of these I am pretty sure you will be able to create you own preloader (or any other small animation you have in mind).

And if you are hesitating because you don’t have After effects, don’t worry. You can download the latest CC version 30 day trial. I believe 30 days is more than enough to make up your mind about paying £17/month for the software and also try to make some cool animations before the trial expires.

That’s it for now guys! A nice tutorial is coming pretty soon.

Thanks for stopping by :D

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