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I’m back…

And I will try to stay, I promise.

This post is not about some exciting stuff. I just want to try to excuse myself explaining why I haven’t posted since August (god…), and what I am planning to do next.

As you may know if you follow me on twitter, my main concern for the last months has been updating my app to iOS 7 (which is now “waiting for review”). It has been a loooooong journey, but I have learnt a lot. And let me tell you why: because I wanted to try new things, crazy things. Yes, the app is essentially the same thing, but I am proud of myself for achieving what I had in my head, something different. I am not saying it’s good, but different.

You can find a tutorial about this and other CAKeyAnimation stuff in MiguelDiazRubio’s blog.

Things like this. I remember when I was in NSSpain, back in September ’13 -I had a great time by the way-, I already had this idea for a menu, but I had no clue how to implement it. I still remember some faces when I tried to ask for advice on how to achieve this ‘menu that will appear from the side with a kind of spring animation with a deformable straight-to-round line’.

Jackie chan meme

Lately I have felt this way many times. In fact, mostly every time I have a new idea and I try to share it. Yes, I feel like I am talking with this Jackie Chan meme.

As an example, when I had the idea for my app I was trying to team up with some other developer to help me (I had no experience at all). The problem is, when I said ‘let’s make an alarm with some games in it, so in order to turn it off you have to finish a game’, I bet every single one of us will make a completely different app based on that premise.

I found it so hard to express with words, mockups, prototypes… the finished product. So hard, that I decided to do it on my own. I started the project 3 times with many different people, but I was not happy with it until I finally did it on my own.

Now I want to start a new app, and I have exactly the same feeling as when I started with WakeUp: ‘it’s too big for me… I am not going to be able to make it…’. However, now I feel a bit more confident. I think I have learnt a good lesson from WakeUp. So this is what I am going to do next…

Xcode -> Create a new Xcode Project

Wish me luck :)

About the blog, I am planning to release a series of tutorials based on some controls I did for WakeUp. The first tutorial/tutorials will be about UIKit Dynamics, and after that I might talk about some chained animations and cool effects.

The new WakeUp version will be in the Apple Store soon (I hope), so if you have any questions or you want me to explain anything you see in there, just let me know.

Last thing. I am planning to open a new blog with a good friend of mine. It will be technical, it will be iOS related, but it will be a bit different. Stay tuned!

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